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Hi, Simone here, trading as Minutes to Midnight ®. I’m a session bassist & composer turned professional recordist and mixer.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the entire music process, therefore I understand how songwriters and bands need to bring their art to the next level.

How Can I Make Your Music Journey Easier?

RECORDIST & MIXER. I capture and balance all the elements in your song, bringing clarity and definition.

BASSIST. Specialising in the pop, rock, blues and songwriter genres, I bring a warm & solid foundation to your art.

I’m also a COMPOSER & SOUND FX creator and editor.

Portfolio: Latest

In this playlist, you can listen to my latest work. Above all, I’m proud of having such awesome musicians among my clients. Brilliant Cambridge-based band Ember Rev, talented songwriter Callum Gardner from London and the great Gerald Duchene from New York.

  1. Save Me Antiquity Buy 3:27
  2. Commit to the List Callum Gardner Spotify 5:36
  3. Bring It Right Down Ember Rev Buy 4:58
  4. Rain From The Clouds Antiquity Buy 4:23
  5. England's Finest Hour Ember Rev Buy 6:05
  6. My Sentiments Exactly Ember Rev Buy 4:44
  7. The Fear Ember Rev Buy 4:54
  8. Papillon Ember Rev Buy 4:56
  9. Something Almost Imperceptible Ember Rev Buy 2:18


What’s In The Pipeline

A sneak peek into some of the music production currently in progress. This material has neither been mixed nor mastered yet.

  1. Optimism is Dangerous (WIP - Teaser) Callum Gardner 1:14
  2. Hang Loose (WIP - Teaser) Callum Gardner 1:31
  3. Wriggle A Little (WIP - Teaser) Callum Gardner 0:52
  4. Unter Den Linden (WIP - Teaser) Minutes to Midnight 2:14
  5. The Day Before (WIP - Teaser) Minutes to Midnight 2:56
  6. 1989 (WIP - Teaser) Minutes to Midnight 1:09

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