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I’m Simone (he/him), a straight to the point person with a major interest in sound design, music, and programming.

Simone Silvestroni with a Warwick Thumb Bass

Playing bass since my teenage years, I learned the craft of audio engineering as a studio assistant during the Nineties. After moving to the big city, I’ve explored print design and programming jobs as a source of income, until I was eventually hired as a sound designer for video games in 1999, to me the ultimate audio-visual narrative medium. Having managed to make a career out of each passion of mine means being able to competently juggle between different disciplines, which creates a constant flow of curiosity, and a desire for improvement. My main focus is still sound.

I try to listen to people and be open to new ideas. Disagreeing with a society that’s oblivious of its unsustainability, I wrote a personal manifesto of some of the principles I live by.

Quick facts

  • Gen-X born in Italy. First name is pronounced see-mow-nay.
  • Graduated in 1995 (bass and music theory) at the CPM Music Institute in Milan.
  • After moving to Milan I worked as a desktop publishing specialist, which proved to be a gateway to a parallel career in web programming.
  • I moved to the UK in 2011, enjoying the process of integrating with a different culture. Currently based in Cambridge.
  • Graduated in 2017 at the Berklee College of Music (audio mastering and music production).
  • My favourite bass player is Andy Rourke.
  • The moniker Minutes to Midnight does not come from Iron Maiden.


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