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Who I am

A sound and web designer for two decades between Italy and the UK. I wrote a concept album about escaping war, which brought the moniker Minutes to Midnight.

Audio and web

In the early 1990s, I started a side job in the publishing industry while graduating as a professional musician. A decade later I learned web design, fascinated by code as a digital evolution of my past experience with the printed page. In line with those origins, I still strive for minimalism.

As a web designer, I’m an expert in front-end development, some back-end, UI design, custom WordPress systems, accessibility and sustainability through a relentless stack optimization.

After a long stint in a music studio acquiring recording skills, I became independent and landed a game audio designer role in 2002. I wrote an adaptive soundtrack while producing and implementing original sound effects. In the same period I started my first blog, writing about working long hours on a console video game while playing Ico during pauses.

As a sound designer, I write and produce music from tracking to mastering, with mixing as my preferred stage. I’m also a professional bass player and a field recordist with Foley skills. I see game audio as the ultimate audio-visual narrative medium.

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Passions and interests

I’m an avid reader, eager to know the latest about the audio and tech industries. I’ve always loved to lose myself in history essays, personal blogs and dystopian novels. Trivia: I have a longstanding obsession fascination for typography.

Constantly looking for a way to complete a task in less and more efficient steps, I ended up writing an ebook about project management for musicians.

Before releasing the theatrical concept After 1989, I wanted to establish a connection between work and personal history. The foundation for Minutes to Midnight’s name and logo is a tie with the unstable and risky world I grew up in during the Cold War.

The expression minutes to midnight is a reference to the Doomsday Clock, while the logo is derivative of the radiation symbol combined with the glyph used in fallout shelter signs.


Details about this website can be found in the project page and the colophon.


Find the way to get in touch with me, and my PGP public key.

Press photos

Photography by Silvia Maggi

Minutes to Midnight

I create and produce sound and music across multiple media and make websites using Jekyll or WordPress. Professional bass player, composer and field recordist.

Minutes to Midnight




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