Minutes to Midnight

After 1989: A Trip To Freedom

30 years after the Berlin Wall, a real-life tale of imprisonment and liberty

‘After 1989’ is the story of how a young man escaped Germany in 1945, while his grandson made the other way round, looking for answers that he could only find in 2017.

barbed wire


Summer, 1986. During a family dinner, my grandfather told us how fascists captured and sent him to Germany in 1941. After four years in a concentration camp on the outskirts of Berlin, he escaped, days before the Allies stormed in. After crossing Europe, he came back home.

Obsessed by a feeling of impending doom, I grew up during the Cold War. In 1991, I took my first trip to Berlin and watched a divided city as it still was. Didn’t dare to visit the camp.

2017. I’m on the S-Bahn train to Oranienburg, this time to finally see the konzentrationslager. I think about the connection between my grandfather’s experience and the menacing fragile world that died on the 9th of November 1989.

When I finally cross the steel gate of Sachsenhausen, I realize how this story is about being a prisoner. Whether in a concentration camp, behind a wall, caught within propaganda or fearing a nuclear holocaust.

barbed wire

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