‘After 1989’ Anniversary: New Video

A year ago today, on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I published my debut solo album, “After 1989: A Trip to Freedom”.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the release, I published the 5th official video from the album, on my YouTube channel.

The song is The Logic.


Vocals / Dan Ecclestone & Rachel Goodman
Guitars / Paolo Clementi
Sax / Gerald Duchene
Bass, piano, additional drums, sound effects / Simone Silvestroni
Drums / Michele Frumento

Produced by Minutes to Midnight
Mastered by Ian Shepherd
Management by Christopher Carvalho, Unlock Your Sound Ltd.

Where Were You in November 1989?

31 years ago East Germany opened the Berlin Wall, symbolising the end of decades of Cold War between East and West. This song depicts the starting point, the dark days of August 1961 when Berlin was cut in half. It’s also my homage to a brother, Michele, who played the drums in the song. I lost him around the same day, almost twenty years ago.

Anniversary Discount Coupon

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