Backup and audio archival

A quick explanation of my strategy for saving and preserving audio material, both for personal use and for my clients.

Why offer audio archival to clients?

I believe audio archiving is a nice-to-have additional feature to offer to my clients. Think about future potential re-mixing or re-mastering, for instance.

Audio stems from each session can be carefully filed to multiple sources, to guarantee the preservation of the material for years to come. Please note that I don’t offer full sessions archives, as that’s unrealistic.

Perfecting the backup strategy

I’m constantly perfecting my backup and archive strategy, which includes both my work and personal data, and clients’. I rely on a proven 3-2-1 technique: three copies of everything at all times, two local and one off-site.


  • 💽 Two sets of redundant RAID drives running daily backups on both OSes.
  • ☁️ Backblaze remote cloud backup.

For extra-redundancy and out of an abundance of precaution, I also run:

  • A Time Machine drive with the default hourly setup for macOS.
  • A clone of my production SSD external drives on both OSes, so that I can be instantly up and running in case of malfunction.
  • A bootable clone of my entire internal drive, for both OSes.

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