Minutes to Midnight playing bass

Bass Tracks

Have you been struggling to get solid bass tracks for your song?

Finding it hard to fit the bass in your mix?

A Bass That Stands Out

If you’re not a bassist, mixing that bottom-end can be a real pain. 

I help producers and artists produce and mix professional sounding bass tracks that will:


Add value to the music


Translate in such a way that it always stands out whilst keeping the mix clear of mud


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bass By Minutes to Midnight

Check out this Spotify playlist with some of my audio examples and claim your free proposal.


Minutes to Midnight producer

Specialised in pop, rock, blues, folk and singer-songwriter genres, I use my roots as a musician to understand what clients need. Started out in the analog domain, I’m fully digital now. My refined remote workflow allows me to consistently deliver.

My equipment revolves around Avid Pro Tools, Focusrite, Warwick and Fender basses.

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