Berlin 91

Last official videoclip for my concept album “After 1989”. Made of original footage from the time.

When I visited Berlin for the first time, shortly after the wall collapsed, it was also the first time I fell in love. I wandered through the no man’s land that was Potsdamer Platz at the time, holding my ruby-red hair girlfriend’s hand. I stood still, looking at the buildings on the east side, with their creepy bricked windows facing the west. The German Democratic Republic was history, and so was the Cold War.

On the 60th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, I’ve decided to release the last video from my album After 1989.

Berlin 91 is actually the first video I worked on, two years ago. In a suggestive room in Copenhagen, I spent a few hours editing footage shot by Derek Williams in 1990 (thanks Derek! — see credits below). The genuine approach, along with the fact his images perfectly reflected my memories of Berlin in those days, convinced me.

My work on the video surely is naive and unpolished, but shows a first approach. I wanted that to be raw, on purpose.

Performed by

Dan Ecclestone / lead & backing vocals
Callum Gardner / backing vocals
Paolo Clementi / acoustic & electric guitars, viola
Simone Silvestroni / bass, drums, synth, sound effects


Written and produced by Simone Silvestroni of Minutes to Midnight
Arranged with Paolo Clementi
Video editing Minutes to Midnight
Management by Christopher Carvalho / Unlock Your Sound Ltd
Mastered by Ian Shepherd


Derek Williams, shot on location in 1990
Silvia Maggi, shot on location (Berlin/Oranienburg) in 2019
Group photo by Ornella Domenicali, Berlin 1991
Ssgt. F. Lee Corkran
Ralf Roletschek – Fahrradechnik technik auf
Aerial view of Victory Column (Siegessäule) by Kordelianu Andrei
Barbed wire design by

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