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‘13 Days’ official video: the Cuban crisis

1962. Kennedy announces proof of a build-up of Soviet missiles in Cuba. The world is one step from nuclear war.

October 1962, the Cuban Crisis — President Kennedy goes live on TV, announcing he has proof of a build-up of Soviet missiles in Cuba. The threat of a pre-emptive strike to America is real. The level of military readiness is set one step from a global nuclear war. 13 Days is a single from the concept album After 1989: A Trip To Freedom, released 9 November 2019.

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Dan Ecclestone / vocals
Paolo Clementi / electric and acoustic guitars
Andy Bonnor (AndiA of ‘In Your Dreams’) / drums
Simone Silvestroni / bass, additional drums, sound effects


Music, lyrics and production / Simone Silvestroni
Arrangement / Paolo Clementi
Management / Christopher Carvalho / Unlock Your Sound Ltd
Master / Ian Shepherd


Original 2020 footage / Silvia Maggi, Cambridge (UK), and Andy Bonnor, Mikkeli (Finland).
Repertoire / National Archives, United States Air Force, Cuban missile crisis footage by David G. Coleman, Prelinger Archive.

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