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Category: WEB DESIGN

A blogroll in 2022

I’ve finally published a blogroll page, containing a partial list of websites and blogs I read either through RSS, the Fediverse or both. Today, two new inspiring entries.

The other day I published a blogroll page, like the ones that were ubiquitous in the early 2000s. I’m not entirely sure what caused blogrolls’ partial demise: social media follower lists? Not important.

I’m happy to have added it to the website. Most of my entries are either from long-term RSS followings or people I know and admire. I’ve been happily adding more recent discoveries after I joined the Fediverse.

New entries

Today I’ve added two new entries: Ray Hines and Parimal Satyal. They’re both source of inspiration, for totally different reasons.

Ray’s bold life choice of becoming a nomad reminds me of when my wife and I, 3 years ago, almost ditched everything to live in a narrow boat in Cambridgeshire. Ironically, we’ve been living a partial nomadic and minimalistic life ever since we left the UK.

Parimal wrote an essay about the small web that helped me finally reconnecting to my digital roots, when I started coding websites back in 1998. You can find proof of this in a fantastic ‘New’ animated gif next to the new entries.