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Backup and audio archival

Quick explanation of my strategy for saving and preserving data, and especially sound material, both for personal use and for work.

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Why offer audio archival to clients?

I believe audio archiving is a nice-to-have additional feature to offer to people I work for. Think about future potential re-mixing or re-mastering, for instance. Audio stems from each session can be carefully filed to multiple sources, to guarantee the preservation of the material for years to come. I’m not talking about full sessions archives, as that’s unrealistic.

Perfecting the backup strategy

I’m constantly perfecting my backup and archive strategy, mostly relying on a proven 3-2-1 technique: three copies of everything at all times, two local and one off-site. Specifically:

  • One set of RAID drives running daily backups
  • One set to be kept off-site in a different location

For extra-redundancy and out of an abundance of precaution, I also run:

  • A single external bootable SSD which perfectly clones the entire Mac HD
  • Time Machine on macOS for further redundancy

I used to backup audio sessions on DVDr too, however I stopped doing so a while ago.

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