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Production: ‘Commit To The List’ by Callum Gardner

Meeting Callum Gardner fired up a long-term collaboration that started with producing, mixing and mastering his debut single.

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Cover for the single Commit to the List


A few years ago I got in touch with Ciara Clifford, who was looking for a new bassist to play in a trio. Unfortunately, my schedule was incompatible with the required effort, but I went to her next live gig at the Nambucca. Besides being finally able to meet Ciara and also see Joe Meek’s former studio in Holloway Road, there was one further highlight that evening.

The opening act was a young singer-songwriter playing an acoustic solo set, Callum Gardner. Captivated by his performance, I went to congratulate him, taking note of his online presence to follow the progress.

Sometimes things really do happen for a reason. It’s those coincidences that put you in a situation that just would never have happened otherwise. I was filling in last minute for a solo act opening at Nambucca after a friend had kindly waved my name over to an independent promoter. Two people I was introduced to during that show went on to join my musical journey, and we are still in collaboration to this day.

Callum Gardner

Later, we got in touch and started chatting. Less than a year later he asked me to be part of his new band. There was a debut single ready to be produced and a few live gigs already planned.

Producing ‘Commit to the List’

In February 2017, we met at the SAE Studio in London for the recording sessions. Drums and bass came out pretty nicely in a short time during a single session. We later recorded lead and backing vocals, along with guitars and viola. Had a chat with Callum about production and mixing and offered my help.

The song was mixed and mastered using Logic Pro and Wavelab. Because of some unclear mistake occurred in the studio in London, I got the chance to let my ability with iZotope RX shine while fixing drum tracks.

Commit to the List was written at a very important time for me. I’d moved to London and was eager to make some waves within touching distance of the Thames. It’s still the opening song for my live shows today and went through quite a journey from pen & paper to mix & master.

Callum Gardner

Listen to the song on Spotify →

Going live

Rehearsals for the live concerts went well. I loved how quickly we all blended and how tight the band was. The first gig at the Century Club in London was a success. Many others followed, including our participation at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth.

Live With Callum Gardner – Photo by Silvia Maggi Live With Callum Gardner – Photo by Silvia Maggi


Callum Gardner
vocals, guitars
Simone Silvestroni
Paolo Clementi
Arlen Millwall


Written by Callum Gardner / Recorded at SAE in London & Minutes to Midnight’s studio in Cambridge / Produced, mixed and mastered by Simone Silvestroni / © 2017 Callum Gardner / ℗ 2017 Minutes to Midnight (sound recording copyright).