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New Production: ‘Hang Loose’ by Callum Gardner

London-based singer-songwriter Callum Gardner’s new single, ‘Hang Loose’, is out now. Produced by Minutes to Midnight.



The song is also available on Bandcamp and Spotify. Watch a video teaser of Hang Loose performed live at the Strongroom, in London.

Production notes

Besides recording and producing the song, I worked as a bassist, contributing to the solid groove foundation, supporting this beautifully written and performed song.

This song is all about missed opportunities and blessings in disguise. I wrote Hang Loose after failing to pounce upon a great chance to change my career, but little did I know that this mistake would become the catalyst for me to take on my musical journey as a full-time artist.

— Callum Gardner



Callum Gardner / vocals, acoustic guitar
Hugh Wheatley / electric guitar, backing vocals
Simone Silvestroni / bass
Arlen Millwall / drums, backing vocals


Music, lyrics, production / Callum Gardner
Production, mix, master / Minutes to Midnight

Released: April 19, 2019