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‘Wriggle a Little’ new song production

The new single by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Callum Gardner, ‘Wriggle A Little’, produced by Minutes to Midnight is out now.



The song is also on Bandcamp.

Producing ‘Wriggle a Little’

I went to the band’s home, an old police station in Central London, to record the electric guitars. Using my Focusrite-based mobile rig, I tracked Hugh’s sound using multiple sources, including a lovely XY stereo capture of the large room. I comped his fantastic solo on the fly — after several takes, each one better than the previous. The rest of the production, except for the drums, was completed at my Garden Room studio, in Cambridge.

Wriggle a Little describe the mental and physical struggle of a lonely introspective creative, looking for longevity and purpose in their work. The music and groove represents that bread trail of small successes—that momentum we all crave to prove we’re on the right track.

— Callum Gardner



Vocals and acoustic guitar / Callum Gardner
Electric and lead guitar / Hugh Wheatley
Bass / Simone Silvestroni
Drums / Arlen Millwall
Backing vocals / Callum Gardner, Hugh Wheatley, Arlen Millwall


Music, lyrics, production / Callum Gardner
Production, mix and master / Minutes to Midnight

Released: June 15, 2019