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Production: ‘Funky Bacterium’ by Antiquity

Written during the pandemic, this song is about the madness of the times. Loud, in your face, at a 100mph.

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I wrote the music and lyrics and Justine wrangled the melody with great aplomb. Simone Silvestroni helped co-producing the vocal track. He suggested that whomever sang the song, needed to do a Tina Turner on it. That was when I realized it had to be Justine. She knew how to bring it home and I didn’t have to give her one ounce of direction. Gerald Duchene


Justine J. Hall
vocals and melody
Gerald Duchene
Matisse Duchene


Written and mixed by Gerald Duchene / Produced by Gerald Duchene and Simone Silvestroni / Mastered By Chris Pavey / © 2021 Gerald Duchene.