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Human connection

Taking time off my day to reach out to strangers who were kind to me on the internet.

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Ever since I ditched web statistics platforms, I proved to myself that all I really care for is connecting with others, at their pace, in anonymity. For genuine reasons.

I signed up to a free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools account, even though I’m not interested in SEO. Apart from checking broken URLs and other fine-tuning, the section that I tend to go back to is backlinks. Among the vast amount of scrapers and spam, I’ve discovered several people who wrote posts inspired by something I’d published. The simple act of seeing strangers quoting a post of mine, or reviewing my music, and doing so from their personal websites instead of some godforsaken comment section, was incredibly uplifting.

Web 1.0

A few days ago I’ve found out a few such posts by people I don’t know. My reaction was to find a way to get in touch, and message each one of them with a thank you. I really appreciate people who take time off their day to openly look for human connection, so I just did that.

Isn’t this what we all used to do before corporations ruined everything on the internet?

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