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I stopped using Feedbin

When my Feedbin annual renewal approached I decided to look at it objectively, and check if a cheaper alternative existed. Turns out I had it already.

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The $50 fee for the service wasn’t dramatic — however, since I’ve been on a path to cut any non-necessary expenses and reduce the amount of external tools I use, I looked for a change. My RSS reader of choice is NetNewsWire 6 on macOS, which I love. Ever since I bought a 3-year old second-hand iPhone SE, I started using the same software on iOS because of the familiarity with the interface and the gestures. That’s when I realised that I could simply export an OPML file of my RSS subscriptions, import it within NNW on the Mac, activate iCloud on both devices and have my feeds in sync, including a read/not read status.

I liked Feedbin, it’s a good service. Nonetheless, after switching to Pocket for read-later articles and videos, its perks didn’t appeal to me anymore.