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Interview to Susan Rogers at Pensado’s Place

The amazing episode of Pensado’s Place with Susan Rogers had been sitting in my to-do list for a few weeks. The best interview in a long time.

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I’ve listened to her in awe. In particular, regarding two points:

  • The importance of using panning to make the most of our perception of music, by exploiting the different way our brain processes sounds. I love how both Pensado and Trawick reacted to it.
  • The crucial role that non-musicians producers can have on the global vision of a song.

I strongly advise you to watch the entire interview — it’s slightly over 45 minutes, while the ‘core’ of the discussion is probably around half an hour. Skip to around 3'08" for the proper part to start.

Who is Susan Rogers

  • Susan Rogers holds a doctoral degree in experimental psychology from McGill University (2010). Prior to her science career, Susan was a multiplatinum-earning record producer, mixer, engineer, and audio technician.
  • She is best known for her work with Prince during his peak creative period (1983-1987) but production, engineering, mix credits also include David Byrne, Barenaked Ladies, Geggy Tah, Nil Lara, Robben Ford, Tricky, Michael Penn, Jeff Black, and many more.
  • She is currently a Professor in the departments of Music Production & Engineering and Liberal Arts at Berklee College of Music, Boston, where she teaches psychoacoustics, record production and analog recording techniques.

Susan Rogers at a mixing console during Prince’s ‘Sign 'O The Times’ tour Susan Rogers during Prince’s ‘Sign ‘O The Times’ tour

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