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Interview with MySphera

MySphera, a team of music and tech experts working to connect musicians to audiences, interviewed me regarding the work behind some of the music videos I released.

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Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? (basic info, musical style etc, inspirations)

Originally from Italy, I’ve been living in the UK for the last ten years. My own music is currently in the rock/alternative rock genre, though in the past I worked with many diverse styles. My next album will likely be more oriented towards a sophisticated (but not too much) pop-electronica.

My greatest inspirations are the 1973-1983 Pink Floyd, representing a legacy from my past listening choices, and Lana Del Rey.

On you music clip “Love Field” you went full independent, can you tell us about the creative process behind it?

Since the whole album is a concept revolving around a real-life story, I wanted “Love Field” to represent the human side of the day JFK was assassinated. Although I consumed a ton of content about it (both factual and not), I’m not interested in any politics around the event. The focal point of the song is this idea of a flight of fancy, imagining to be there, feeling what people in the crowd were feeling, or being in the motorcade, or even being close to the killer. And still, fantasising about a different ending.

That’s why I asked my wife Silvia, which is a designer and photographer, to help finding a sensible way to convey that kind of message.

How did you conceptualize the idea of the music clip?

I didn’t, really. I’m not great with visualising things beforehand. I know it sounds strange for someone who just wrote a concept album, but I’m strictly talking about images. In particular, video. Usually, if I’m the one who’s doing a video, I start with having a very rough idea. I tend to focus my attention on the main theme of the song, the essential concept. From there, I can slowly work around the before and after. In this case, I talked to Silvia and we decided to put the crowds at the very centre of the clip. The common people. That’s why I feel like the end result is exceptional: even when JFK and Jackie are exchanging greetings at the airport, or waving in the streets, the women, men and children around them are the real focal point.

I wanted to convey the stark contrast between the popularity of this couple and the senseless assassination that followed.

What tools / skills you used in the creation of the video?

We used Final Cut Pro X on macOS. We’re not really videographers, although we both worked in a video game company for years, and collaborated with an independent TV producer back in the days.

How did you learn these skills?

I think we learned the basics by watching colleagues doing their thing. Personally speaking, a few things are in common with working with a DAW.

What are a few tips you can give to a musician making his first music video?

Focus on the story, on the message, and try not to be too much didactic about it. Also, keep it simple, do not throw too many effects or transitions just because they might look cool.

What video making hacks / tricks you can you give to a musician with a tight budget?

Use whatever comes with your operating system, and learn it at your best. For macOS users, try iMovie and exploit everything it can offer to you. You might be surprised of the things you can do with it.

How do you promote your music video once it’s out?

I have a manager, so together with him, we run campaigns on various medium, especially social media. Don’t forget Reddit!