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Joining Playstos

A brief memory, in celebration of when I started working for Playstos Entertainment two years ago.

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At the end of 1999 I was looking for a new job. One of the co-founders of Milan-based Playstos Entertainment was interested in my profile: a sound designer who can code for the web. Despite having already received a substantial offer from one of the biggest Italian internet providers — very corporate environment — I preferred Playstos because of the fantastic vibe I perceived during the interview. In a room full of 3D animators, someone was playing a Yamaha Clavinova piano. The CEO was sitting among everyone else, crafting 3D on a regular Dell computer, and that was a first for me.

Above everything else, a guy huddled on the floor screamed with a muffled voice: “kick me to the try line!” until a colleague indeed kicked him. He then stood up and declared that there’s nothing better than that to fire up a work day. How could I not join them?

Little did I know that several of those people would end up becoming my friends.

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