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Leaving Soundcloud

Another year, another platform goes down.

Simone Silvestroni's avatar ·

I’ve just completed the process of deleting my 14-year-old Soundcloud account. Not much to add here, the platform has been quite pointless to me for a long time. Without going deep into the quality of their audio codec, my issue is threefold: the intensified spam problem, the complete lack of genuine interaction on the site, and the more important fact that I’ve been leaving centralised ‘silos’ for a while now.

All recent moves by Soundcloud are geared towards selling, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. A plethora of examples shows how VC-funded startups usually end up in this situation: as they’re forced to monetise in order for the investors to recoup the money, the platform changes until it’s barely useful to the people that originally joined and prompted its (sometimes) fleeting success.

I don’t think people need a centralised platform to exchange sounds. I believe the best way forward is to be your own platform, as Kristoffer Lislegaard aptly wrote. Use a personal website to share HTML audio objects, or build an independent alternative such as FairCamp.