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Category: CONCERTS

Minutes to Midnight: recent live shows

A comprehensive list of the live shows I performed around England as a bass player, between 2017 and 2018, with Callum Gardner and his band.

Band line-up

Callum Gardner / lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Hugh Whitley / electric guitar, backing vocals
Simone Silvestroni / fretless bass
Arlen Millwall / drums, backing vocals


Date Venue Imagery
29 June Notting Hill Arts Club, London Photo (Flickr), Video (YouTube)
12 May Dartmouth Music Festival, (2nd set) Photo (Flickr)
12 May Dartmouth Music Festival, (1st set), Royal Castle Hotel Photo (Flickr)
6 April The Trobadour, London Photo (Flickr)
24 February Colours Hoxton, London Photo (Flickr)


Date Venue Imagery
16 December The World's End, London Photo (Flickr)
6 October The Trobadour, London β€”
29 September The World's End, London Photo (Flickr)
27 August Victorious Festival, Portsmouth Photo album (Flickr)
13 August The Finsbury, London Photo (Flickr)
19 July Strongroom, London Photo (Flickr), Video (YouTube)
1 July Fosstival, Selborne Photo (Flickr)
5 May Century Club, London Photo album (Flickr)

Set list

List of the songs we performed live. Music and lyrics: Callum Gardner.

[*] Studio version produced by Simone Silvestroni.

# Song title Listen Video
1 Commit To The List [*] Spotify β€”
2 Hang Loose [*] Bandcamp, Spotify YouTube
3 Wriggle A Little [*] Bandcamp YouTube
4 Without You [*] Bandcamp, Spotify YouTube
5 Optimism Is Dangerous [*] β€” β€”
6 Here And Now Bandcamp (solo version) β€”
7 Real With Me Bandcamp (solo version) YouTube (band live version)
8 Things That Go On SoundCloud β€”
9 Piece Of Mind SoundCloud β€”
10 Performance SoundCloud β€”