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New album ‘Rings’ by Cameron Hassard

Rings is the debut album from Berlin-based recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Cameron Hassard.

It’s Saturday, time for some new music. I’ve been following the online magazine Indierepublik (formerly Indie Berlin) for a while now, even from before they wrote a really good review for After 1989. They caught my attention with an article they published a couple of days ago, a review for the new album by Cameron Hassard, titled Rings.

Cameron Hassard’s smouldering yet poetic vocals guide you through his sometimes ethereal, sometimes groovy, sometimes dark tunes.

— Indierepublik

The promise of an album presenting itself like a movie, narrated by an artist that sounds a bit like Mark Lanegan, was alluring enough. So I went, and what a surprise. This is a great finding — treat yourself with this gem of an album, either on Spotify or Bandcamp. Here’s an appetizer:

Rings was produced and recorded at Berlin’s Famous Gold Watch Records by Cameron James Laing (Universal).