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New single with Emilio Albertoni out now

New single out today. Included in the new EP Aperture, Non sai chi sono is the remix of an original song by Italian artist and producer Nevica, aka Gianluca Lo Presti.

Listen + download the remix from Bandcamp

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The idea included an album of original songs and a companion EP of remixes of the same material, produced by friends and former collaborators. Gianluca asked Emilio and I to choose a song to our liking and produce a remix together. We had complete creative freedom, and several months at our disposal. After listening in isolation to an early demo of the album, we both selected the same song: Non so chi sei (“I don’t know you”).

Included in the new EP Aperture, Non sai chi sono is our remix, released on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms on June 28, 2021.


Emilio Albertoni / Electric guitars, synths, fretted bass, drums
Simone Silvestroni / Fretless bass, drums, sound effects
Gianluca Lo Presti / Vocals, synth, sound effects

Recorded in Italy.
Mixed and mastered by Simone Silvestroni.

Single released June 28, 2021.

© 2020 music and lyrics by Gianluca Lo Presti.
© 2021 remix produced and arranged by Emilio Albertoni and Simone Silvestroni.
℗ 2021 copyright of the sound recording (master) owned by Simone Silvestroni and Emilio Albertoni. Minutes to Midnight is the exclusive trademark of Simone Silvestroni. All trademarks and logos are protected.

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