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Not On The High Street corporate blog

I worked on’s ambitious rebrand as co-director of the London-based design and development firm UI Farm.

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Composite image showing four devices, mobile, tablet, laptop and large screen, featuring Not On The High Street’s website

Objectives, a unique UK e-commerce market place for small and independent sellers, needed to redesign their current corporate blog combining multiple scattered websites into one coherent, branded solution. A responsive website was a must, due to their ever increasing multi-device audience.


I worked with’s creative department to implement a responsive redesign using WordPress, tailoring the development using custom plugins to fit the client’s needs from the brief. As this was a team effort, I concentrated on delivering a solid user interface framework featuring specific web components, later to be intuitively used by Not On The High Street’s employees to publish new posts.

Beyond the work on customised WordPress components, I focused on making our responsive framework as much performant as possible, including delivering a fast CSS-only carousel media gallery featuring CSS overlays for sharing the images. I also took charge of the continuous deployment routine, using Git, Ruby’s Capistrano, and SSH.


Integrating scattered blogs into a single cohesive redesigned website, we set up a solid, secure and performant single WordPress installation, running a combination of custom PHP plugins and our responsive framework. Thus, we delivered a fully branded responsive website, with a subtle use of animations to enhance the user experience, not detrimental to the site’s performance.

Before redesign, desktop only

Non On The High Street corporate blog, desktop only

After redesign

Non On The High Street corporate blog, responsive redesign

Created a “hero” post template, with customisable background image and vertical offset for the article. On top of that, the addition of a flexible WYSIWYG visual editor and custom modules tailored to the client’s requirements, ensured an intuitive and powerful creation of new content.

Custom 'hero' post template Custom ‘hero’ post template

Implemented responsive images, serving images with different size and weight depending on the device capabilities.

Integrated a custom Javascript-less functionality to show all the media included in the post, with the option to view them in an elegant media gallery. It featured sharing capabilities on every image, with a call to action linking either to the full screen gallery or to the product’s shop page (based on the editor’s choice).

Media gallery Showing all the media in a post, through a responsive carousel

Client endorsement

We were really pleased with the results of working with UI Farm. We challenged them with our request for two beautiful and on brand WordPress websites with a tight time frame. They delivered on time and on budget and were very flexible on the minor changes we wanted to make. Iain McNeill, Head of Product


  • Responsive Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • PHP
  • Git
  • Ruby
  • SSH
  • WordPress
  • Project management
  • Agile