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Secret Eclectic review for ‘13 Days’

Secret Eclectic is a London-based website founded by a team of people who follow the arts worldwide. They love supporting emerging acts or people who deserve more recognition.

The song exists between two worlds. The inner and the outer. It starts in the outer world where the spoken samples and the lyrics get us in the mood and captures the tense of crisis from an external point of view. Then the song transfers us into the inner world, we are no longer an outsider but on the contrary, we are in the heart of the scene, where ”Helen stares at the window”. This change does not only happen through the lyrics. It is the chord progression, the melodies, the whole song itself, that moves between these two parallel worlds. Secret Eclectic

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A concept album in the streaming era

Happy to see how my choice to publish a concept album in the streaming era did not get lost on more detail-oriented listeners:

We ask artists what they would change in the music industry. An answer we often get is that bands, for reasons that relate to promotion, no longer release full albums. Minutes to Midnight released a full album. A concept album. We recommend listening to it in its entirety. — Secret Eclectic

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