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Simplifying REAPER

Helping another producer with his transition from Logic made me appreciate a simpler REAPER for my own good.

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I’m going to be quick and straight to the point: no matter how much experience I have with the software, I’ve found the act of removing custom keyboard shortcuts and turning them into a new toolbar very refreshing.

The other step I’ve taken was to reduce the number of key strokes necessary to hit a shortcut: wherever possible they’re now down to 1 or max 2. Pretty much every shortcut requiring more than two modifiers have been moved to a toolbar.

Less mental load is good.

Also, the new dimmed customized colour palette, similar to ProTools’ is soothing to my eyes. Especially useful when coupled with SWS auto-coloring tracks and regions based on common prefixes.

What can be seen in the following screenshot:

  • A new toolbar at the top
  • The session navigator right below
  • A full arrange window, complete with markers and regions
  • Several auto-colored tracks
  • A mixer channel strip for the selected track, on the left (a-la Logic)
  • The master mixer channel strip, on the right
  • Transport bar at the bottom

Screenshot of Reaper's arrange window Screenshot of my current Reaper’s arrange window

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