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Skinny Kid: escape from a concentration camp

I’m on the S-Bahn 1 from Berlin to Oranienburg. Sachsenhausen camp, where my grandfather was held prisoner by the Nazi, is a few miles away.

Skinny Kid is the first single from the concept album After 1989: A Trip To Freedom, released 9 November 2019.


Present-day. I’m in Berlin. After boarding the S-Bahn 1 to Oranienburg, I relive the decades that followed World War II. A few miles away, the concentration camp where my grandfather was held prisoner by the Nazi. It’s not easy to try figuring what his ordeal might have been before he managed to escape in the spring of 1945.

Music video

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Dan Ecclestone / lead vocals
Rachel Goodman / vocals
Gerald Duchene / guitars
Keven Howard Bellamy / backing vocals
Simone Silvestroni / bass, drums, piano, synth, sound effects


Music, lyrics and production / Simone Silvestroni
Video / Silvia Maggi
Master / Ian Shepherd
Management / Christopher Carvalho / Unlock Your Sound Ltd