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Audio Editing

Master: ‘Ipogeo’ by IsadoraD

I mastered the debut EP for IsadoraD, an Italian duo. They blend electronica, pop and indie.

Mix: ‘Hidden Music’ by Dan Ecclestone

A delicate piano-centric album, ‘Hidden Music’ is another successful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Dan Ecclestone.

Producing bass remotely

An in-depth analysis of the process I go through to produce an effective bass track, from tracking to delivery. Based on a real-life scenario.

Sound design for ‘Tom the Tow Truck’ TV cartoon

Sound effects, dialogue and music sync for the acclaimed show ‘Tom the Tow Truck’, part of the Car City series by Paris-based Amuse.

Sound design: editing vocals

I transplanted a vocal performance from one song to a different one by manipulating pitch, formants and tempo. Plus, cleaning up historical speeches.

Mix: ‘From The Country To The City To The Sea’ by Ember Rev

I mixed Ember Rev’s follow-up album to ‘Premonition and Ruin’, collaborating with Sam Inglis and Ian Shepherd.

Co-production and mix: ‘Premonition And Ruin’ by Ember Rev

A concept album around a lament for the European ideal. I mixed and co-produced working with songwriter Dan Ecclestone.

Sound design: Drums restoration

Painstakingly removing an insidious noise from a multi-track recording, plus various techniques for drum replacing and drum doubling.