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Notes on the historical concept album

Matthew Graybosch reviewed my album ‘After 1989’. I’m honoured and flattered by such a genuine and magnificent analysis.

New reviews for ‘After 1989’

My debut concept album has been receiving a bit more attention recently, especially after I stopped trying to sell it.

Bass: ‘The Rules Of Night And Day’ by Antiquity

The new single released by Antiquity, featuring the guitar work of Angelo Zarra and my bass.

Bandcamp is joining Epic Games

Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announces his company is joining Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite and Unreal Engine.

‘Berlin 91’ official music video

On the 60th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, I’ve decided to release the last video from the album ‘After 1989’.

Co-production: ‘Eclipse’ by Antiquity

‘Eclipse’ is a new single released by Antiquity, co-produced by Minutes to Midnight.

Co-production: ‘Funky Bacterium’ by Antiquity

Written during the pandemic, this song is about the madness of the times. Loud, in your face, at a 100mph.

Release: ‘The Die Is Cast’

An autobiographical rumination about migrating in Europe during a time of populism. Remixing Ember Rev in collaboration with Antiquity.

Release: ‘Non sai chi sono’

A friend asked me to remix one of his songs. I co-produced, mixed and mastered ‘Non sai chi sono’.

Co-production: ‘Shelter From A Storm’ by Antiquity

‘Shelter From A Storm’ is my new bass recording and co-production, together with Gerald Duchene.

New album ‘Rings’ by Cameron Hassard

The debut album from Berlin-based recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Cameron Hassard.

Mix: ‘Hidden Music’ by Dan Ecclestone

A delicate piano-centric album, ‘Hidden Music’ is another successful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Dan Ecclestone.

‘After 1989’ anniversary: new music video

New music video to celebrate the first anniversary of my debut solo album, ‘After 1989: A Trip to Freedom’.

Producing bass remotely

An in-depth analysis of the process I go through to produce an effective bass track, from tracking to delivery. Based on a real-life scenario.

A Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot On A B-29

75 years ago, while two young men escaped from Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the US nuked Hiroshima with a bomb named Little Boy.

Secret Eclectic review for ‘13 Days’

Secret Eclectic review for my song ‘13 Days’. A London-based website, they’re a team of people who love supporting emerging acts.

Bass: ‘In Our Dreams’ by Antiquity

‘In Our Dreams’ is the new single by Gerald Duchene. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

‘13 Days’ official video: the Cuban crisis

The Cuban crisis of 1962. President Kennedy announces proof of a build-up of Soviet missiles on the island. The world is one step from nuclear war.

Bass: ‘The Far Side Of The Sun’ by Antiquity

Another beautiful track by Gerald Duchene where I produced one of my most sumptuous fretless bass ever.

Nova Music reviews ‘Skinny Kid’

Stunning review by Nova Music Blog for ‘Skinny Kid’, the opening single from my debut album ‘After 1989’.

Bass: ‘The Road to Salvation’ by Antiquity

‘The Road to Salvation’ is the new single by Gerald Duchene. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Bass: ‘The Evil Between Us’ by Antiquity

‘The Evil Between Us’ is the new single by Gerald Duchene. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Angry Baby album review: ‘After 1989’

Another amazing album review for ‘After 1989’: Angry Baby wade every week through great new indie music tracks to find the best gems.

‘Love Field’ reviewed on YHHTMY podcast

YHHTMY podcast selected my song ‘Love Field’ from the album ‘After 1989’ for their latest episode.

Production: ‘Without You’ by Callum Gardner

Singer-songwriter Callum Gardner’s new single, ‘Without You’, is out now. Bass and full production by Minutes to Midnight.

A Trip To Freedom: from Berlin to Berlin

A partial chronicle of what I did to retrace my grandfather’s steps in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In the process, I wrote my debut concept album.

‘Skinny Kid’ song backstory

How an arrangement for another band became the opening single and lead song for Minutes to Midnight’s concept album ‘After 1989’.

‘Love Field’ video: the JFK assassination

Cheering crowds greet the President at Love Field, the Dallas airport. As the motorcade cuts through the city, I imagine to be there, standing still while everything changes.

‘Skinny Kid’ video reviewed by Indiebuddie

The music blog Indiebuddie reviews ‘Skinny Kid’, opening single from my debut concept album ‘After 1989’.

Release: ‘After 1989’

A concept album about my grandfather, who escaped Germany in 1945, while I made the other way round, looking for answers.

‘After 1989’ teaser video

30 years after the opening of the Berlin Wall, ‘After 1989’ is a real-life story about imprisonment and liberty. Watch the video teaser.

Release: ‘After 1989 Demos’

A rough and unpolished partial testimony of a different approach to production and the general workflow.

Mix: ‘From The Country To The City To The Sea’ by Ember Rev

I mixed Ember Rev’s follow-up album to ‘Premonition and Ruin’, collaborating with Sam Inglis and Ian Shepherd.

Bass: ‘The Experience’ by Antiquity

‘The Experience’ is the new concept album by Antiquity. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Production: ‘Wriggle a Little’ by Callum Gardner

I produced and played a mean bass in Gardner’s new single, ‘Wriggle A Little’, which featured an epic guitar solo.

Bass: ‘Shallow Grave’ by Antiquity

Second collaboration with Gerald Duchene and his project Antiquity. I recorded a bass track for this beautiful song.

Co-production and mix: ‘Premonition And Ruin’ by Ember Rev

A concept album around a lament for the European ideal. I mixed and co-produced working with songwriter Dan Ecclestone.

Production: ‘Hang Loose’ by Callum Gardner

Bass and full production for London-based singer-songwriter Callum Gardner’s new single, ‘Hang Loose’.