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Tag: Dev Project

IndieWeb and webmentions for my static site

- Analysing the method I used to implement IndieWeb principles and webmentions. A step-by-step process that works on a Jekyll-based static website.

Automation for my static blog publishing workflow

- Advanced content management in a Jekyll-based static blog, using automation on macOS.

A human-readable RSS feed with Jekyll

- I refactored my RSS feed using Jekyll functionalities, applying XSLT for presentation to render a human-readable XML feed.

Implementing WebP images in Jekyll

- Adding WebP images to my Jekyll-based static site ensured new levels of optimisation and performance.

Responsive Photogallery and Carousel in HTML and CSS

- I built a photogallery carousel in pure HTML and CSS, featuring responsive images and touch controls for mobile devices.

Website redesign for Minutes to Midnight

- My new website eclipses the previous on IA, performance, sustainability and ease of maintenance.

Website redesign for Silvia Maggi

- Silvia Maggi is an expert in designing for accessibility and usability. Curator of the inspiration series ‘Design, Digested’.

Website for No Slack Day

- Website for the yearly initiative to remind people of how Slack can also be distracting and counter-productive.

Reevoo corporate website and blog

- A pioneer of ratings and reviews services for brands and retailers, Reevoo hired my company to rebuild their online presence through tailored WordPress sites with Salesforce integration.

UniCredit Bank

- A leading European bank with a network spanning 50 markets impacting millions of people on a daily basis, UniCredit wanted to redesign their online acquisition processes.

A modern workflow for the multi-device web

- The process that led UI Farm to a workflow for delivering modern web solutions, using sustainable Responsive Web Design.

Not On The High Street corporate blog

- I worked on’s ambitious rebrand as co-director of the London-based design and development firm UI Farm.

Corporate websites for Elite’s Women Management

- I worked on Women Management’s multi-site rebrand while co-directing the London-based design and development firm UI Farm.

Coral web performance optimisations

- As part of the London-based design firm UI Farm, I worked with Coral to optimise their codebase, solving performance issues reported by many users.