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Enjoy the difference

Three years after I left Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I might have found a space where to both agree and disagree in peace, while growing connections.

A personal manifesto

Principles I stand for. My takes on being genuine, build a clean online presence, sustainability and more, are connected with a will to keep my mind safe.

My experience releasing an album as an independent artist (part 1)

Three and a half years later, an analysis on how releasing my debut concept album had informed my journey as a person more than as an indie artist.


Inspired by a brilliant debate on Mastodon, I outline the steps taken to remove the concept of personal brand from my online presence.

Life after social networks

My point of view about the pros of being outside mainstream social networks for the last 19 months.

Switch DAW: Logic to Pro Tools to REAPER (Pt 1)

In 12 months I’ve managed to revolutionize my workflow, twice. Part 1 of why I migrated to REAPER is about cost, multi-platform and a different workflow.

Producing bass remotely

An in-depth analysis of the process I go through to produce an effective bass track, from tracking to delivery. Based on a real-life scenario.

A Trip To Freedom: from Berlin to Berlin

A partial chronicle of what I did to retrace my grandfather’s steps in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In the process, I wrote my debut concept album.