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Tag: Indieweb

A Kafkaesque digital relationship with ourselves

- Words are crucial to build a sense of online community, however many of us have been using them straight out of a soulless corporate lingo in order to sell ourselves as a product.

Giving context to a blogroll

- Garrit Franke’s recent post, titled “Roast my site”, motivated me to write about something that has always bugged me with personal sites: the grocery-style blogroll.

Managing my personal website

- Last post in my ‘degrowth’ series: a few points around my concept of a personal and sustainable website.

A personal manifesto

- Is there even a point in hiding behind a mask? After ditching the concept of personal brand, here I go with a few principles I stand for. My takes on being genuine, pursuing sustainability, and more.


- Inspired by a brilliant debate on Mastodon, I outline the steps taken to remove the concept of personal brand from my online presence.

How I use the internet

- A brief description of how I use the internet in 2022, two years after leaving all mainstream social networks. Post inspired by Michael Harley’s How I Internet, which was inspired by Cassey Lottman’s, My Internet.

IndieWeb and webmentions for my static site

- Analysing the method I used to implement IndieWeb principles and webmentions. A step-by-step process that works on a Jekyll-based static website.

Website redesign for Minutes to Midnight

- My new website eclipses the previous on IA, performance, sustainability and ease of maintenance.

Loops, transitions, identity

- Following a process to recalibrate my self-identity after leaving social media, I’m going back to the roots and leave WordPress for Jekyll, joining the IndieWeb.