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Tag: Italy

Mix: ‘Nebbia’ by Arva Vacua

- I mixed the lead song from the debut EP Tales from holographic seas.

Making mistakes (and owning them)

- A frustration-fueled personal post on how migrating back to Italy two years ago was not the solution.

Loops, transitions, identity

- Following a process to recalibrate my self-identity after leaving social media, I’m going back to the roots and leave WordPress for Jekyll, joining the IndieWeb.

Release: ‘Non sai chi sono’

- A friend asked me to remix one of his songs. I co-produced, mixed and mastered ‘Non sai chi sono’.

Leaving the UK

- I spent the last month and a half leaving the UK, followed by two lingering monsters: a global pandemic and a massive feeling of betrayal.

Production: ‘Eclipse’ by Method Sinik

- I snapped out of my comfort zone to help the promising young artist Method Sinik with the production of his recent EP.

Sound design for ‘Ruff Trigger’ PlayStation2 video game

- As the audio team leader, I created and implemented sound effects and an adaptive soundtrack, bootstrapping the audio for the PlayStation2 video game Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy.