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Mix: ‘Nebbia’ by Arva Vacua

I mixed the lead song from the debut EP ‘Tales from holographic seas’.

Making mistakes (and owning them)

A frustration-fueled personal post on how migrating back to Italy two years ago was not the solution.

Loops, transitions, identity

Following a process to recalibrate my self-identity after leaving social media, I’m going back to the roots and leave WordPress for Jekyll, joining the IndieWeb.

Release: ‘Non sai chi sono’

A friend asked me to remix one of his songs. I co-produced, mixed and mastered ‘Non sai chi sono’.

Leaving the UK

I spent the last month and a half leaving the UK, followed by two lingering monsters: a global pandemic and a massive feeling of betrayal.

Production: ‘Eclipse’ by Method Sinik

I snapped out of my comfort zone to help the promising young artist Method Sinik with the production of his recent EP.

Sound design for ‘Ruff Trigger’ PlayStation2 video game

As the audio team leader, I created and implemented sound effects and an adaptive soundtrack, bootstrapping the audio for the PlayStation2 video game ‘Ruff Trigger’.