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I stopped using Feedbin for RSS

When my Feedbin annual renewal approached I decided to look at it objectively, and check if a cheaper alternative existed. Turns out I had it already.


I’m quietly cutting on the habit of being always connected. Fighting my tendency to add ideology to tech choices, I’ve decided to confront things from a different point of view.

Using decentralised chats again

Reflecting on the slower decentralised way to communicate online during the 1990s, I outline a simple path to bring back a quieter and safer internet-based chat.

Managing my personal website

Last post in my ‘degrowth’ series: a few points around my concept of a personal and sustainable website.

Switching to plain text

‘Degrowth’ series, part 6: now that I moved most of my workflow to plain text, I struggle to understand why I relied on proprietary locked-in formats for so long.

Why I use so little software by Apple

Part of my ‘degrowth’ series: why I’ve been using less and less Apple products. Might sound like venting, though it’s not.

I guess I don’t trust the Cloud

Fourth instalment in my ‘degrowth’ series: how and why I use the cloud (not), with a closing note about backup.

Interacting on social media while keeping its noise low

Part of a ‘degrowth’ series, this third post is focused on my online social interactions, and how I keep it manageable.

Reading online

Second post in my ‘degrowth’ series. How I approach the news online, including blogs, videos, newsletters.

How I navigate the internet

First of a series of short posts on personal degrowth. Not a “how to” step-by-step guide, rather a point of view on tech choices that I feel are necessary.

Yellow Brick Road

A transparent and honest analysis on the struggle to go back to a job that I left.

More than 1,5 million streams brought me royalties

After receiving an unexpected royalty payment today, I’ve been reflecting about the music industry, again.

The Atlantic on Social Media

I read an article on The Atlantic titled ‘The Endless Cycle of Social Media’, missing the subtitle about Threads by Meta. Slightly amusing nonetheless.

Human connection

Taking time off my day to reach out to strangers who were kind to me on the internet.

Back to the UK

Personal considerations about what visiting the UK meant to me, three years after my wife and I left the country.

Notes on the historical concept album

Matthew Graybosch reviewed my album ‘After 1989’. I’m honoured and flattered by such a genuine and magnificent analysis.


Andy Rourke has always been my favourite bass player. His untimely death today is a hard kick in the guts. Among many memories connected to his music, here’s an old one.

Erasing things

I’ve been using this website as a platform to experiment visual solutions that might appease my aesthetic sense, and at the same time be more accessible for everyone.

Clean, the cleanest I’ve been

I changed the website with a under-the-hood reworking. It involved a structure clean-up, CSS polishing, and a refactor of my alt site.

A personal manifesto

Principles I stand for. My takes on being genuine, build a clean online presence, sustainability and more, are connected with a will to keep my mind safe.

My experience releasing an album as an independent artist (part 2)

Three and a half years later, an analysis on how releasing my debut concept album had informed my journey as a person more than as an indie artist.

My experience releasing an album as an independent artist (part 1)

Three and a half years later, an analysis on how releasing my debut concept album had informed my journey as a person more than as an indie artist.

New reviews for ‘After 1989’

My debut concept album has been receiving a bit more attention recently, especially after I stopped trying to sell it.


Inspired by a brilliant debate on Mastodon, I outline the steps taken to remove the concept of personal brand from my online presence.

Duolingo from Italian to English is not good

Since I wanted to review my English after two years away from the UK, I chose Duolingo. It’s been a bad experience.

Email migration from Proton to Mailbox

How I moved email, calendar and contacts from Proton to Mailbox, on both desktop and mobile.

How I use the internet

A brief description of how I use the internet in 2022, two years after leaving all mainstream social networks.


I think there is no future without humanity accepting the fact that we need to face degrowth as a proper voluntary choice.

Making mistakes (and owning them)

A frustration-fueled personal post on how migrating back to Italy two years ago was not the solution.

Life after social networks

My point of view about the pros of being outside mainstream social networks for the last 19 months.

Loops, transitions, identity

Following a process to recalibrate my self-identity after leaving social media, I’m going back to the roots and leave WordPress for Jekyll, joining the IndieWeb.

‘Berlin 91’ official music video

On the 60th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, I’ve decided to release the last video from the album ‘After 1989’.

‘After 1989’ anniversary: new music video

New music video to celebrate the first anniversary of my debut solo album, ‘After 1989: A Trip to Freedom’.

Leaving the UK

I spent the last month and a half leaving the UK, followed by two lingering monsters: a global pandemic and a massive feeling of betrayal.

Escape from social media

Finally, I’m leaving social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, redirecting my attention and my time to something more productive.

Nova Music reviews ‘Skinny Kid’

Stunning review by Nova Music Blog for ‘Skinny Kid’, the opening single from my debut album ‘After 1989’.

Angry Baby album review: ‘After 1989’

Another amazing album review for ‘After 1989’: Angry Baby wade every week through great new indie music tracks to find the best gems.

A Trip To Freedom: from Berlin to Berlin

A partial chronicle of what I did to retrace my grandfather’s steps in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In the process, I wrote my debut concept album.

‘Skinny Kid’ song backstory

How an arrangement for another band became the opening single and lead song for Minutes to Midnight’s concept album ‘After 1989’.

‘Skinny Kid’ video reviewed by Indiebuddie

The music blog Indiebuddie reviews ‘Skinny Kid’, opening single from my debut concept album ‘After 1989’.

Release: ‘After 1989’

A concept album about my grandfather, who escaped Germany in 1945, while I made the other way round, looking for answers.

‘After 1989’ teaser video

30 years after the opening of the Berlin Wall, ‘After 1989’ is a real-life story about imprisonment and liberty. Watch the video teaser.

Release: ‘After 1989 Demos’

A rough and unpolished partial testimony of a different approach to production and the general workflow.

Shifting the blame

A short work-related chat with a former colleague and now friend, during an unhappy crunch time.

Years just pass by

The desire to be part of a community of bloggers hits the harsh reality of how humans want thought leaders who appear to be successful.

Untouched notebooks

It’s hot, probably around 28 Celsius at four in the morning. Can’t really sleep like this, so I reflect on a see-saw of work-related emotions.

Joining Playstos

A brief memory, in celebration of when I started working for Playstos Entertainment two years ago.