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I stopped using Feedbin for RSS

When my Feedbin annual renewal approached I decided to look at it objectively, and check if a cheaper alternative existed. Turns out I had it already.

Own your data

What happens to your data when a remote system is shut down or just stops working? I don’t care, because I back it up, locally.

Switching to plain text

‘Degrowth’ series, part 6: now that I moved most of my workflow to plain text, I struggle to understand why I relied on proprietary locked-in formats for so long.

Why I use so little software by Apple

Part of my ‘degrowth’ series: why I’ve been using less and less Apple products. Might sound like venting, though it’s not.

Reading online

Second post in my ‘degrowth’ series. How I approach the news online, including blogs, videos, newsletters.

How I navigate the internet

First of a series of short posts on personal degrowth. Not a “how to” step-by-step guide, rather a point of view on tech choices that I feel are necessary.

Reply: You need a versioning system

A quick reply to the excellent post by Jamie Hill about the need of a strict versioning system for people who work in music (on the computer).

Venture capitalists buying out music production software

A video by Benn Jordan made me realise how little respect I hold for the idea that growth is a must, in this capitalist world I live in.

Apple’s Bug Reporting Process is a Waste of Time

Finally, my long-time feelings about the pointlessness of filing bug reports to Apple is backed by proof.

Waves switched to subscription only and people are angry

The software company announced their switch to a subscription-only business model, leaving behind a loyal user base of several decades.

Mix: ‘In Super-8’ by Ember Rev

How I mixed a rework of Ember Rev’s debut album, exploiting the subproject functionality in REAPER to save time and processing power.

Master: ‘Ipogeo’ by IsadoraD

I mastered the debut EP for IsadoraD, an Italian duo. They blend electronica, pop and indie.

Duolingo from Italian to English is not good

Since I wanted to review my English after two years away from the UK, I chose Duolingo. It’s been a bad experience.

Simplifying REAPER

Helping another producer with his transition from Logic made me appreciate a simpler REAPER for my own good.

Happy with my current tech stack

I’m finding myself eerily happy with the technology I’ve been using, while staying outside digital ecosystems.

Email migration from Proton to Mailbox

How I moved email, calendar and contacts from Proton to Mailbox, on both desktop and mobile.

How I use the internet

A brief description of how I use the internet in 2022, two years after leaving all mainstream social networks.

Explorer by Sound Particles

Explorer is a free audio application for managing sounds. Working with mono, stereo and surround, it can find, organize, edit and integrate files in a DAW.

Ungoogled Chromium

A brief list of steps taken to install and properly configure Ungoogled Chromium for pure web development testing purposes on macOS.

Indieweb and webmentions for my static site

A brief analysis on how I have implemented Indieweb principles and webmentions on my static Jekyll-based website, using the laziest method available.

Automation for my static blog publishing workflow

How I’m currently managing new content in my Jekyll-based static blog, using Shortcuts on macOS.

A human-readable RSS feed with Jekyll

How I refactored my RSS feed from scratch using Jekyll functionalities, and applying XSLT for presentation to render a human-readable XML feed.

Implementing WebP images in Jekyll

How to add WebP images to a Jekyll-based static site, to ensure new levels of optimization and performance.

Website redesign

Minutes to Midnight’s new redesigned website is easier to navigate and straight to the point. Built with Jekyll, Github and Netlify.

Loops, transitions, identity

Following a process to recalibrate my self-identity after leaving social media, I’m going back to the roots and leave WordPress for Jekyll, joining the IndieWeb.

Audacity joins Muse

The company behind MuseScore has announced the acquisition of the well known FOSS audio editor, Audacity.

Switch DAW: Logic to Pro Tools to REAPER (Pt 3)

In 12 months I’ve managed to revolutionize my workflow, twice. Part 3 of why I migrated to REAPER is about open architecture, development cycle, efficiency.

Switch DAW: Logic to Pro Tools to REAPER (Pt 2)

In 12 months I’ve managed to revolutionize my workflow, twice. Part 2 of why I migrated to REAPER is about customization, community, stock plug-ins.

Switch DAW: Logic to Pro Tools to REAPER (Pt 1)

In 12 months I’ve managed to revolutionize my workflow, twice. Part 1 of why I migrated to REAPER is about cost, multi-platform and a different workflow.

Mix: ‘Hidden Music’ by Dan Ecclestone

A delicate piano-centric album, ‘Hidden Music’ is another successful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Dan Ecclestone.

Strings production: Ciara Clifford

I recorded and co-produced strings arrangements for Clifford’s eponymous debut album, in collaboration with Paolo Clementi.

Sound design: editing vocals

I transplanted a vocal performance from one song to a different one by manipulating pitch, formants and tempo. Plus, cleaning up historical speeches.

Release: ‘After 1989 Demos’

A rough and unpolished partial testimony of a different approach to production and the general workflow.

Strings production: ‘Zoom In Zoom Out’ by Mally Harpaz

I recorded and co-produced strings arrangements for Mally Harpaz new solo album, in collaboration with Paolo Clementi.

Sound design: Drums restoration

Painstakingly removing an insidious noise from a multi-track recording, plus various techniques for drum replacing and drum doubling.

Sound design for ‘Ruff Trigger’ PlayStation2 video game

As the audio team leader, I created and implemented sound effects and an adaptive soundtrack, bootstrapping the audio for the PlayStation2 video game ‘Ruff Trigger’.