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Tag: Sound Project

Mix: ‘In Super-8’ by Ember Rev

- How I mixed a rework of Ember Rev’s debut album, exploiting the subproject functionality in REAPER to save time and processing power.

Master: ‘Ipogeo’ by IsadoraD

- I mastered the debut EP for the Italian duo IsadoraD. They blend electronica, pop and indie.

Mix: ‘Nebbia’ by Arva Vacua

- I mixed the lead song from the debut EP Tales from holographic seas.

Bass: ‘The Rules Of Night And Day’ by Antiquity

- The new single released by Antiquity, featuring the guitar work of Angelo Zarra and my bass.

Production: ‘Eclipse’ by Antiquity

- Eclipse is a new single released by Antiquity, co-produced by Minutes to Midnight.

Production: ‘Funky Bacterium’ by Antiquity

- Written during the pandemic, this song is about the madness of the times. Loud, in your face, at a 100mph.

Release: ‘The Die Is Cast’

- An autobiographical rumination about migrating in Europe during a time of populism. Remixing Ember Rev in collaboration with Antiquity.

Release: ‘Non sai chi sono’

- A friend asked me to remix one of his songs. I co-produced, mixed and mastered ‘Non sai chi sono’.

Production: ‘Shelter From A Storm’ by Antiquity

- ‘Shelter From A Storm’ is my new bass recording and co-production, together with Gerald Duchene.

Mix: ‘Hidden Music’ by Dan Ecclestone

- A delicate piano-centric album, ‘Hidden Music’ is another successful collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Dan Ecclestone.

Producing bass remotely

- An in-depth analysis of the process I go through to produce an effective bass track, from tracking to delivery. Based on a real-life scenario.

Efficient productivity for music professionals

- I wrote an ebook about how to streamline project management as a music professional. Available for free, no strings attached.

Bass: ‘In Our Dreams’ by Antiquity

- ‘In Our Dreams’ is the new single by Gerald Duchene. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Bass: ‘The Far Side Of The Sun’ by Antiquity

- Another beautiful track by Gerald Duchene where I produced one of my most sumptuous fretless bass ever.

Sound design for ‘Tom the Tow Truck’ TV cartoon

- Sound effects, dialogue and music sync for the acclaimed show ‘Tom the Tow Truck’, part of the Car City series by Paris-based Amuse.

Bass: ‘The Road to Salvation’ by Antiquity

- ‘The Road to Salvation’ is the new single by Gerald Duchene. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Bass: ‘The Evil Between Us’ by Antiquity

- ‘The Evil Between Us’ is the new single by Gerald Duchene. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Strings production: Ciara Clifford

- I recorded and co-produced strings arrangements for Clifford’s eponymous debut album, in collaboration with Paolo Clementi.

Production: ‘Without You’ by Callum Gardner

- Singer-songwriter Callum Gardner’s new single, ‘Without You’, is out now. Bass and full production by Minutes to Midnight.

Sound design: editing vocals

- I transplanted a vocal performance from one song to a different one by manipulating pitch, formants and tempo. Plus, cleaning up historical speeches.

Release: ‘After 1989’

- A concept album about my grandfather, who escaped Germany in 1945, while I made the other way round, looking for answers.

Release: ‘After 1989 Demos’

- A rough and unpolished partial testimony of a different approach to production and the general workflow.

Mix: ‘From The Country To The City To The Sea’ by Ember Rev

- I mixed Ember Rev’s follow-up album to ‘Premonition and Ruin’ using Logic Pro, collaborating with Sam Inglis and Ian Shepherd.

Bass: ‘The Experience’ by Antiquity

- ‘The Experience’ is the new concept album by Antiquity. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

Production: ‘Wriggle a Little’ by Callum Gardner

- I produced and played a mean bass in Gardner’s new single, ‘Wriggle A Little’, which featured an epic guitar solo.

Strings production: ‘Zoom In Zoom Out’ by Mally Harpaz

- I recorded and co-produced strings arrangements for Mally Harpaz new solo album, in collaboration with Paolo Clementi.

Production: ‘Eclipse’ by Method Sinik

- I snapped out of my comfort zone to help the promising young artist Method Sinik with the production of his recent EP.

Bass: ‘Shallow Grave’ by Antiquity

- Second collaboration with Gerald Duchene and his project Antiquity. I recorded a bass track for this beautiful song.

Production and mix: ‘Premonition And Ruin’ by Ember Rev

- A concept album around a lament for the European ideal. I mixed and co-produced working with songwriter Dan Ecclestone.

Production: ‘Hang Loose’ by Callum Gardner

- Bass and full production for London-based singer-songwriter Callum Gardner’s new single, ‘Hang Loose’.

Sound design: Drums restoration

- Painstakingly removing an insidious noise from a multi-track recording, plus various techniques for drum replacing and drum doubling.

Production: ‘Commit To The List’ by Callum Gardner

- Meeting Callum Gardner fired up a long-term collaboration that started with producing, mixing and mastering his debut single.

Sound design for ‘Ruff Trigger’ PlayStation2 video game

- As the audio team leader, I created and implemented sound effects and an adaptive soundtrack, bootstrapping the audio for the PlayStation2 video game Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy.