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Video Games

Yellow Brick Road

A transparent and honest analysis on the struggle to go back to a job that I left.

Quickly create local folders matching the content of a Wwise Switch Group

While working on a test project based on a video series by Cujo Sounds called ‘Setting up a AAA Wwise project’, I envisioned a method to speed up the process.

Towards my audio reel: field recording

Field recording is great fun, especially when done with a precise plan.

Unreal Engine 5 is out

The new major version of Epic’s game engine is out now. It will enable next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility.

Google rejects ‘Attentat 1942’ from German store

Despite the developer’s effort, Google refused to publish the game ‘Attentat 1942’ on their Play Store in Germany, France, Austria and Russia.

Sound design for ‘Ruff Trigger’ PlayStation2 video game

As the audio team leader, I created and implemented sound effects and an adaptive soundtrack, bootstrapping the audio for the PlayStation2 video game ‘Ruff Trigger’.

Shifting the blame

A short work-related chat with a former colleague and now friend, during an unhappy crunch time.

Untouched notebooks

It’s hot, probably around 28 Celsius at four in the morning. Can’t really sleep like this, so I reflect on a see-saw of work-related emotions.

Joining Playstos

A brief memory, in celebration of when I started working for Playstos Entertainment two years ago.