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Walled Gardens

Why I use so little software by Apple

Part of my ‘degrowth’ series: why I’ve been using less and less Apple products. Might sound like venting, though it’s not.

A personal manifesto

Principles I stand for. My takes on being genuine, build a clean online presence, sustainability and more, are connected with a will to keep my mind safe.

Waves switched to subscription only and people are angry

The software company announced their switch to a subscription-only business model, leaving behind a loyal user base of several decades.

Happy with my current tech stack

I’m finding myself eerily happy with the technology I’ve been using, while staying outside digital ecosystems.

Email migration from Proton to Mailbox

How I moved email, calendar and contacts from Proton to Mailbox, on both desktop and mobile.

Automation for my static blog publishing workflow

How I’m currently managing new content in my Jekyll-based static blog, using Shortcuts on macOS.

Life after social networks

My point of view about the pros of being outside mainstream social networks for the last 19 months.