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Web Development

RIP Molly Holzschlag

Very sad to learn that Molly Holzschlag died yesterday. She was one of the most influential advocates of web standards and accessibility.

Managing my personal website

Last post in my ‘degrowth’ series: a few points around my concept of a personal and sustainable website.

Yellow Brick Road

A transparent and honest analysis on the struggle to go back to a job that I left.

Erasing things

I’ve been using this website as a platform to experiment visual solutions that might appease my aesthetic sense, and at the same time be more accessible for everyone.

Clean, the cleanest I’ve been

I changed the website with a under-the-hood reworking. It involved a structure clean-up, CSS polishing, and a refactor of my alt site.

Ungoogled Chromium

A brief list of steps taken to install and properly configure Ungoogled Chromium for pure web development testing purposes on macOS.

Indieweb and webmentions for my static site

A brief analysis on how I have implemented Indieweb principles and webmentions on my static Jekyll-based website, using the laziest method available.

Automation for my static blog publishing workflow

How I’m currently managing new content in my Jekyll-based static blog, using Shortcuts on macOS.

A human-readable RSS feed with Jekyll

How I refactored my RSS feed from scratch using Jekyll functionalities, and applying XSLT for presentation to render a human-readable XML feed.

Implementing WebP images in Jekyll

How to add WebP images to a Jekyll-based static site, to ensure new levels of optimization and performance.

Content security policy on Netlify

How I implemented a content security policy on a static website built with Jekyll, hosted on Netlify and loaded with several external embeds.

Website redesign

Minutes to Midnight’s new redesigned website is easier to navigate and straight to the point. Built with Jekyll, Github and Netlify.

Loops, transitions, identity

Following a process to recalibrate my self-identity after leaving social media, I’m going back to the roots and leave WordPress for Jekyll, joining the IndieWeb.