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Own your data

What happens to your data when a remote system is shut down or just stops working? I don’t care, because I back it up, locally.

Managing my personal website

Last post in my ‘degrowth’ series: a few points around my concept of a personal and sustainable website.

Switching to plain text

‘Degrowth’ series, part 6: now that I moved most of my workflow to plain text, I struggle to understand why I relied on proprietary locked-in formats for so long.

Why I use so little software by Apple

Part of my ‘degrowth’ series: why I’ve been using less and less Apple products. Might sound like venting, though it’s not.

I guess I don’t trust the Cloud

Fourth instalment in my ‘degrowth’ series: how and why I use the cloud (not), with a closing note about backup.

Reply: You need a versioning system

A quick reply to the excellent post by Jamie Hill about the need of a strict versioning system for people who work in music (on the computer).

Automation for my static blog publishing workflow

How I’m currently managing new content in my Jekyll-based static blog, using Shortcuts on macOS.

Backup and audio archival

Quick explanation of my strategy for saving and preserving data, and especially sound material, both for personal use and for work.

Producing bass remotely

An in-depth analysis of the process I go through to produce an effective bass track, from tracking to delivery. Based on a real-life scenario.

Efficient productivity for music professionals

I wrote an ebook about how to streamline project management as a music professional. Available for free, no strings attached.