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‘The Die is Cast’: EP preview

New mini EP released today, in collaboration with Antiquity. Introducing the topics of my next concept album, The Die is Cast.

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During the initial phase of writing my next album, I had the idea of working on a remix of two songs by Cambridge-based band Ember Rev. In 2018, together with their songwriter Dan Ecclestone, I worked as a co-producer and mixer for their second album, Premonition And Ruin.

At the time, a song that I liked didn’t make the final cut. It was a piece divided in two short parts, bookending the album. I remember telling Dan — somewhat jokingly — that I would sooner or later want to use it. Land Of Kings is my interpretation of that. Papillon is my absolute favorite of the entire Ember Rev catalog.

Both lyrics referenced the painful process of living in England through Brexit. The Die Is Cast is in fact an autobiographical concept revolving around migration in Europe, and how deceitful can be to idealize the place where you move to.

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