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Bass: ‘The Experience’ by Antiquity

‘The Experience’ is the new concept album by Antiquity. Vocals by Dan Ecclestone, bass by Minutes to Midnight.

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The philosophy for Antiquity has always been, the right musician and singer for the right song. In this latest album, we decided to move away from singles and concentrate on one singer around a concept album. I wrote the songs and the lyrics and Dan Ecclestone came up with the wonderful melodies and vocals. I’ve read that a lot of people still like listening to whole albums and are drawn to unsigned bands. It’s heartening to know that in this day and age. I wrote the music and lyrics, produced and played on these tunes, and Dan Ecclestone is responsible for the vocals and melody lines and Simone Silvestroni provided the wonderful and ethereal bass lines. Dan and Simone are based in Cambridge UK and I’m based in Brooklyn New York. Gerald Duchene


Gerald Duchene
all instrumentation
Dan Ecclestone
vocals and melody
Simone Silvestroni


Written, produced and mixed by Gerald Duchene / Mastered by Chris Pavey / © 2019 Gerald Duchene.