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🧡 a like of Day 59 (Richard Pierce) — Quote from Richard Pierce about the ironies that the war in Ukraine is showing about the West, the EU and the UK.

There are ironies all around. That the West feared it would be Trump who would accidentally or deliberately, in his madness, push the button. That the West’s racists and white supremacists are made in the image of Putin. That it’s taken a war in Ukraine to show that the EU does hold together, act together, and is a bloc of like-minded nations. It’s not ironic that the UK is being shown to be a third-rate country, with no serious influence or impact on the Europe it decided to leave and the Eastern Europe it decided to abandon. Our government’s policy is that you can only be a refugee to the UK from a war zone if you’re prepared to become a fruit picker. Maybe the irony is that Putin’s inhumanity is at the same level as Boris Johnson’s. Richard Pierce