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Ungoogled Chromium

A brief list of steps taken to install and properly configure Ungoogled Chromium for pure web development testing purposes on macOS.

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I’ve finally switched back to Ungoogled Chromium for web dev testing purposes. Here’s a brief list of the steps I followed to get it done. Installation on macOS happens through Homebrew. Once completed the browser can be found in /Applications/.

brew install --cask eloston-chromium

I later customized a few Chrome flags:

  • #extension-mime-request-handling set to always prompt for install so that I can install extensions from .crx files.
  • #show-avatar-button set to never.
  • #read-later set to disabled.
  • #side-panel set to disabled.

After downloading uBlock Origin, I installed it by dragging the .crx file onto browser window. Then, I imported uBlock settings from Firefox. My localhost was added to the bookmarks. Since Ungoogled Chromium is already set to clear cookies and cache when all the windows are closed, and also no password suggestions, autofill, phone-home etcetera, I didn’t have to go through the settings to polish things.

A complete list of FAQ can be found on their wiki.

The final result:

Screenshot of an empty window of Ungoogled Chromium

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