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Untouched notebooks

It’s hot, probably around 28 Celsius at four in the morning. Can’t really sleep like this, so I reflect on a see-saw of work-related emotions.

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I seriously dislike the website I built for Playstos. Apparently there is no time to make it better now. There’s zero time for anything else at work. It’s either a deadline or a demo. We should be demoing our uncanny ability to deliver within all these deadlines. I’m actually surprised I’m not at the office at this time of night, in a few weeks we have a demo in London — at none other than Sony. The game is taking shape, it’s better by the hour. However, nobody talks about the GDC. Why did we attend? I have two notebooks filled to the brim with notes. They’re there, untouched, since we came back from the States. I learned a ton, yet apparently we can’t discuss it. This is confusing.

We’ve added a third computer to the studio. Our Mac can’t keep up, and all those sample libraries need to be loaded from elsewhere. I guess I’ll have to start wearing headphones at all times because of the fan noise.

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