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About the website

  • Handcrafted by Simone Silvestroni using Jekyll 4.3.2, the Liquid template language, and markdown extended. Maintained and updated using Sublime Text, Typora, Alfred macros, and Shortcuts automation.
  • Valid HTML tagged with microformats2. Valid CSS level 3, using a custom theme based on Simple CSS. Part of IndieWeb, the site sends and receives webmentions.
  • Logos and icons in SVG. “Dirt background” image by Michael Rose. The main typeface in use is Lora, with a touch of Iowan and System font. The code repository is on GitHub, deployed to Netlify. Latest deploy: 21 February 2024, at 13:10.
  • A case study explores how I built the site.

Accessibility and sustainability


I don’t collect personal data, there is no analytics software, no ads, no affiliate links, no tracking scripts, no pop-ups, no modal windows. A content security policy is in place.

© 2002-2024 Simone Silvestroni, all rights reserved. However, blog posts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, so the written content can be used, including commercially, provided that a proper attribution to me is given, including a link to Photography © Silvia Maggi.


Minutes to Midnight™ is a registered trademark in the UK and worldwide. The logo, in all its variants, is use trademark for the trading name of Simone Silvestroni.