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‘After 1989’ Press Kit

30 years after the Berlin Wall, the tale of how a young man escaped Germany in 1945, while his grandson made the other way round, looking for answers that he could only find in 2017.

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Music producer and sound designer Minutes to Midnight launched in 2019 a music project specifically to tell a real-life tale of imprisonment and liberty.

After 1989: A Trip To Freedom tells the story from the perspective as a grandson, who has only recently uncovered answers to how his grandfather managed to escape from a concentration camp near Berlin in 1945. A modern-day attempt at storytelling, the album is a glimpse into hope.

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Industry reviews

The direct and immersive narrative allows history to speak for itself without being preachy or forced. The artist gives us a unique perspective of an outsider who manages to observe a great deal of pain without being directly subjected to it. Its themes are timely and human, and effortlessly connect with a modern audience. After 1989 is an immersive and interesting experiment in storytelling that will leave listeners meditating on its heavy themes. Indierepublik Berlin

The project is very impressive both in conception and execution. I love the way you’ve chosen to tell the story, the visuals, and the juxtaposition of the two Berlin experiences. It definitely reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd, both in the scope of the concept album but also the blues-influence that runs through the music and informs the whole thing stylistically. Congratulations on creating a work that tackles an immense subject and brings a great deal of emotional depth and insight into it. Eric Beall, Berklee College of Music

Press photos

Simone Silvestroni in Cambridge, standing, with the Warwick Thumb Bass Standing, with a Warwick Thumb Bass

Simone Silvestroni, playing the Warwick Thumb Bass Playing the Warwick Thumb Bass

In the studio (Cambridge) In the studio (Cambridge)

In the studio (Cambrdige), playing a fretless Fender Jazz bass In the studio (Cambrdige), playing a fretless Fender Jazz bass

Bass strap with West Berlin pin attached Bass strap with West Berlin pin attached