What do I do to keep my clients happy

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The idea of writing this post

A few months ago, Nicholas Di Lorenzo, the Australian master engineer owner of Panorama Mixing and Mastering studio, set up a Patreon page to help him write the book The Savvy Engineer.

One of the early chapters is focused on how a savvy audio engineer can add value to keep the clients happy.

This post is my follow-up to that question.

As a producer and mixer engineer, I make my clients happy by:

  1. Providing them access to a friendly, yet professional environment.
  2. Offering my long-term expertise as a studio and live musician.
  3. Granting full active access to my workflow in real time, no matter where they live.

This methodology has proven to reassure that I’m going to execute their vision, and deliver on time.


Provide them access to a friendly, yet professional environment

A neat and welcoming house is relaxing. Access to the kitchen for a nice break, as well as the back secluded garden, are included.

The studio is decluttered and dusted.

A secure high-speed broadband is available for guests.

Provide my long-term expertise in the studio, backed up by a solid foundation as a live and studio musician

We can discuss the music and exchange production ideas. We can dig deeper in the sections where I can provide most of my expertise as an instrumentalist: rhythmic section.

Through real-life examples, I can reassure the client that I know how musicians feel when they’re working in the studio with an engineer.

I regularly write articles about popular topics: audio engineering, DAWs such as Logic Pro X, producing, or advanced tips and tricks.

I explain my workflow, sharing this value with the community,  such as Facebook groups and other social media outlets.

Execute their vision and deliver on time

Offering a free analysis of their music, which can lead to a long lasting professional relationship.

Digging into the foundation of drums and bass, their relationship with the rest of the music, and advise with constructive arrangement suggestions for improvements.

Delivering professionally branded documentation, such as intake forms, audio track set-up guidelines, advanced ‘How To’ tutorials.

Providing expertise on advanced features, such as forensic audio restoration, acoustic drums editing, bass editing, tempo and tuning corrections.

Offering to record brilliant bass tracks.

Deliver on time (cost effective)

I merged the concept of GTD (Getting Things Done®) with the Agile methodology. I created a lean workflow to manage my music production from start to finish.

Because of my years as a web programmer and designer, dealing with large projects for global clients, I have exceptional organisational skills.

I grant free access to my Trello Gold platform, the project management tool I use for my Agile and GTD workflow.

As a result, the client can actively engage with me at all times: comment, make requests and see in real time what I’m working on, what’s the next task, what the deadline is for each step.


Claim a free analysis or a free proposal, no strings attached

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