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Minutes to Midnight’s digital whereabouts:
where you can find out more about my online presence.


The main work platform, where I have my portfolio, an upcoming sound design reel and where you can hire me or get in touch with a contact form.


Music-related announcements and new releases. It’s also where I write personal thoughts after leaving social media. You can follow the blog through WordPress Reader too.


My periodic newsletter (roughly once a month, unless I have something urgent going on), From The Shelter, is a great way to stay in touch via email. Feel free to subscribe!

Concept Album ‘After 1989’

A list of digital platforms where you can listen, stream, download or buy the limited edition CD of my recent concept album After 1989: A Trip to Freedom.


Arguably, the only digital music platform who got the music business right for independent artists. Stream or download music in high quality, or buy the merch.


My music is available for streaming on Spotify. I also created and maintain a few playlists, including promoting other indie artists that I’ve been working with.

YouTube Channel

I’m going to try to maintain the channel more regularly, including making more videos of me playing bass or documenting the creation of my sound design reel. I see YouTube as a form of TV rather than another social media outlet.


Full work resume, skills and endorsements. I hang around there to see what my peers are sharing, also for keeping up to date with the game industry and the wider design community.


I’m a member of a few Discord servers about music production, video games, operating systems and general geek stuff. You can find me there as MinutesToMidnight#7023.


One of the most important tools for my daily activities. I save several articles to Pocket to read them later or as sources for my articles. Also, you can follow my recommendations there.


Not a fan, but I occasionally use Medium, including for cross-posting articles from my blog to a different audience. I sometimes publish original content on there.


A collection of images, mostly organised by area of interest: production, studio life, Cold War, and music inspiration.

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