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A partial list of websites (in alphabetical order) that I consistently read within a curated platform with zero algorithm, namely RSS.

Pages like this one are how website operators used to promote other websites they like before Google and the SEO industry ruined the World Wide Web.Matthew Graybosch

Abandoned Berlin
An attempt to document the past, uncover hidden history and preserve the memory of neglected glories, as they are now.
Adrianna Tan
She’s been blogging since 2003, advocating for an open web. Her website is a magnificent example of minimalist design done well.
Ali Reza Hayati
An entrepreneur, hacker, cypherpunk, and user freedom activist working to spread the use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing free (as in freedom) technologies to help people take full control over what they own. I share his point of view and love his gentle irony.
Alison Wilder
Music obsessive with a wild passion for beautiful and efficient systems. Advocates for human-scale thinking & design. I absolutely love how she bends the tone of her voice to the needs of the music she writes.
Bradley Taunt
Works as a user interface and experience designer and also dabble in open source projects. Writes about macOS, design, CSS, web development, digital privacy, Linux.
Chris Wiegman
Engineering manager, teacher and speaker, whose work focuses on WordPress, developer experience and emphasizes humane and sustainable technology. I enjoy how our online debates carry a satisfying feeling of reciprocal improvement.
Daniel Aleksandersen
Developer-focused blog, where he shares essays, tutorials, reviews, technical notes and articles on a variety of topics. He works for Vivaldi (browser), and this is one of the very few tech-related blogs that I still follow.
Game Developer
First founded in 1997 as Gamasutra, striving to be a leading resource and reference for game development and industry knowledge. Their daily posts focus on current events and developments in the game industry alongside regular, in-depth features and interviews.
A community for news and information about the global video games industry, they deliver news content with opinion-forming industry interviews and analysis, while the site boasts one of the largest recruitment databases for video games-related roles and a comprehensive guide to the events that span the games business.
She’s a scientist, songwriter and storyteller interested in data privacy, decentralized communication and free open source software. I followed Imogen on Mastodon because of her majestic taste in music and ended up finding a human connection with a kindred spirit.
Indieweb webring
This website is part of the webring. Browse random sites from the same ring, to discover personal websites that are part of the small web.
Jan Boddez
Jan is a mechanical engineer, amateur guitarist, and web standards, WordPress and Laravel enthusiast from Belgium. By following him on Mastodon, I can appreciate his thorough, empathetic and gentle approach to all things, not just tech-related.
Luke Harris
Web designer specializing in WordPress, Webflow, and static site generators. He lives and works remotely in Corpus Christi, Texas. Except for geolocation, I have a ton in common with Luke.
Matthew Graybosch
The author of the novels Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion, he has a day job as a software developer. Not afraid to tell things by their name, he runs his personal website with the same directness. I’ve been devouring his posts, waiting to start reading his newest work in progress, Spiral Architect.
Melissa Pons
A field recordist whose main interests orbit around anthropology, environment, culture and social justice. For each project a part of the profit made goes back to the institutions or communities that support much needed causes and that had welcomed and guided her.
Michael Harley
Software engineer living in Nashville and working as a SharePoint Developer specializing in Power Apps, Power Automate and PowerShell. He enjoys writing about privacy, development, security, hiking, riding bicycles and grilling.
Steven Novella covers news and issues in neuroscience, but also general science, scientific skepticism, philosophy of science, critical thinking, and the intersection of science with the media and society.
Om Malik
Om is a San Francisco-based writer, photographer, and investor. He writes about technology, photography, and general observations about life. Om likes to write like a human, steering clear of jargon and B-school speak.
Ooh Directory
A collection of sites, bigger than a personal list of favourites, which feature an RSS feed and are updated often. Managed by Phil Gyford.
Jon Tidey runs an indispensable resource for the REAPER user community, providing news, reviews, tips & tricks, and detailed tutorials on music production using the REAPER software.
Raymond Hines
A lifelong entrepreneur who began a nomadic life on the road in 2016. He’s been living in a tiny camper ever since. In his inspiring blog he shares the literal and figurative journey in all manner of ways: the highs, lows, introspectives, poetry, photographs, and more.
Richard Pierce
Author, broadcaster and painter from the United Kingdom. His prose is captivating and always incredibly empathetic.
Search My Site
A niche search, focussing on the “indieweb” or “small web” or “digital gardens”, i.e. non-commercial content, primarily personal and independent websites. It features a sortable RSS feed of the latest posts. Created by Michael Lewis.
Silvia Maggi
Web designer focused on usability, accessibility and information architecture. An expert in HTML, CSS and designing using web standards since 2004, she curates the inspiration series Design, Digested. Photography is her life-long passion. 🔥 Her newsletter can also be followed via RSS.
Small Technology Foundation
Laura and Aral advocate for and build small technology to protect personhood and democracy in the digital network age.
Steven Hoefer
He makes things with his imagination and his hands. When writing doesn’t engage his hands enough he invents whimsical — and occasionally useful — gadgets, and shares them with the world. Author of The Embassy Series, an ongoing series of sci-fi novels. I’m procrastinating with Steven’s books, but I love his short novella Ascension Day.
Thomas Michael Semmler
I’ve been hit by his openness and the opinionated takes on the web design industry, which I wholeheartedly agree with.
Tommaso Marmo
A proud and enthusiastic fedinaut since 2020. He’s a philosophy, international studies and economics student, but actually he does many things. I absolutely am in love with his website, which perfectly conveys the feeling of the weird and free exciting web of the 1990s.
Winifred Phillips
A composer of music for entertainment media, her work most recently has focused on video games. She writes about music, video games, and the convergence of the two.
Wouter Groeneveld
He’s many things, a teacher, researcher, programmer and bread baker. I love Wouter’s way of thinking about the web and programming in general, plus he’s the source of inspiration for a few functionality added to my websites. One of the very few I’ve been exchanging webmentions with.
Ye Olde Blogroll
A humanly curated list of fine personal & independent blogs that are updated regularly. No algorithms ever. Managed by Ray.
Zachary Flower
Another brutalist minimal website that I love. I really enjoy Zach’s writings, especially when he focuses on sustainable technology and embracing a slower life. He has a brilliant page collecting rules and values that he lives by.
Zinzy Waleson Geene
She works at the intersection of research, design, language, and strategy. At her current job she’s taking an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable educational data. I love the content on her website and the fact she’s not afraid to experiment with brutalist design, which I’m very fond of.